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Thursday night at SelectAlbert Torres taking a moment to dance Thusday nightSocial dancing Thursday night Le Select Thursday nightJoel Masacote (Boston) enjoying the carpet Friday night MetropolisFriday night dancing MetropolisJuan Calderon (NJ) and Marie Josee Strazzero (Mtl) taking a strollMJ and Juan professionally calmMJ's footworkEdso Vallon Saltimambo (Mtl) Liz_SalsaMania (SF)Edson's "Handy" turn patternsEdson and Liz FreestylingEdson and Liz getting it rightGuesley not selling t-shirts!Saturday morning workshopsAna Masacote (Boston) workshop preparationsLisa "La Boriqua" Latin Street Dancing (Chicago) in red Ballo "Classic" Lisa presents theBallo "Classic" iin redSaturday morning Ballo boothModelling the red Ballo "Classic"The Ballo "brother and sister" teamBallo shoes go to Moncton NB with JocelynSaturday night "the calm before the storm"Getting preparedComing soon...a future salsero/salsera for salstar's Guesley and wifeAt workMusic is a little loudPondering getting a pair of Ballo'sDefinitely getting themSaturday night workingSaturday night dancingBallo's rising star_the "Fly"BalloChecking the fitRight size!Lace em upEdson and guest looking sharpTeresa Whitter_Sabor Dance(Bermuda)Giuseppe and Teresa Sunday MorningSunday morning Ballo BoothBallo's Chicago distibutor_Lisa "La Boriqua" Lisa Giuseppe AnnaChecking the fitIn search of a second pairBeige "Classic"Explaining the shoesVendors' areaBallo's Self Serve table in the workshop classBallo's  Bermuda distibutor Sabor DanceBallo arouses curiosity amongst new customersTeddy Olaso United Salseros TorontoLacing up the right fitTrying the "Fly"Juan (NJ) and Jennifer_Spice Productions (Edmonton) afternoon danceSunday afternoon danceThe turning never stopsAnna and JenniferAnna_Spice Production's Julian  and Jennifer(Edmonton)Salsa Royalty_Christina Piedra (NJ) Dave Paris(NY) Joel Masacote (Boston) Juan Calderon (NJ) Jennifer  & Julian Izquierdo (Edmonton) Zoe Klein (NY)Black suede "Classic"Questions answeredDecisions, decisions, decisionsHaving to make a choice3 new happy customersTrying the different stylesExplaining the new
customizable "Fly"Santo RicoThomas Guerrero_Santo Rico ordering his new Ballo "Fly"Ordering a Ballo "Fly"Nuno & Vanda(Portugal)